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jaytim tattoo 'verse





consolidated downloads:

mp3: here [116.7 MB, 01:36:24]
m4b: here [153.2 MB, 01:36:24]

individual downloads:

(1) your body is a war-zone: here [39.3 MB, 00:32:36]
(2) breaking the bro code: here [6.4 MB, 00:05:14]
(3) put your pieces back into place: here [31.7 MB, 00:26:15]
(4) these unarmored parts: here [3.8 MB, 00:03:03]
(5) situation normal (everything's under control): here [19.5 MB, 00:16:06]
(6) one, two, for your bad tattoos: here [16.0 MB, 00:13:11]

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cover art by reena_jenkins

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