Moving the website!

We are moving the site to a new (more spacious) home! That means we are making no edits and updates for the next week or so -- but after that we will be able to add content once again.

Thank you for your patience! <3

donate to the audiofic archive

i get a lot of people asking if they can donate to help out with site costs - and i really appreciate it! our expenses aren't huge, but they do exist. i pay for website hosting and for hosted backups of all podfic files - to ensure that we can keep hosting them into the future. you are welcome to donate via paypal, or if you would prefer a non-paypal alternative, gittip allows small weekly donations - recurring because bills are recurring, too! anything you can give will be gratefully received and used to pay for hosting & backups. thank you!

the audiofic archive gittip page is here: