Audiofic Archive Mission and Values Statements

The mission of the audiofic archive is two-fold: to mirror and preserve podfic files on the behalf of and with the permission and full knowledge of the file creators; and to provide stable access to those files in download form.

Central concerns are stability, accessibility, and scope.

  • Stability - Zipped file urls are maintained to the best of our abilities. Backups of all files (podfic recordings) and databases (index and metadata) are made on a regular basis.
  • Accessibility - All files are made available in mp3 format for technological ease of access; we strive to apply accessible website practices to the archive interface design.
  • Scope - Content in the audiofic archive is not vetted, rated, or picked over. No fandoms, pairings, or genres are excluded, and the archive continually and actively solicits audio readings of fanfiction in any fandom, and supports the further creation of such.

The mission of the audiofic archive is driven by the following values:

  • that secondary fanworks such as podfic are an important part of our creative culture, and that they are central to honoring our own and each others' efforts and ingenuity as fans;
  • that reading, watching, listening, and viewing fanwork is itself a type of fanwork; the reader's role is a central one, and contributes to the fannish community;
  • that diversity of source, voice, language, and point of view make our experience richer.