Streaming and Embedding

Do you want to embed mp3 files from this site on other sites such as ao3 or squidgeworld? You can! Here's how:

Many of our older posts do not have direct links to the files we host (eg: ending with .mp3 instead of .zip) but anything newly added will. It will be labelled "stream mp3" and should be located above a "download mp3" link. If your podfic has a streamable link, you can embed it.

Step One
Copy the url of the file you want to embed, then check that it starts with https and ends with .mp3. Paste this link into a text file somewhere so you can use it in the next step. If the url is not using https, most browsers will not play it when embedded.

Step Two
Copy the code below, then add it to your post and replace MP3_HERE with the url you copied in the previous step. Make sure you are in html editing mode rather than rich text editing mode when doing this.

<audio controls src="MP3_HERE" preload="metadata"></audio>

This should end up looking something like this in your editor:

<audio controls src="" preload="metadata"></audio>

and like this in the published work:

Step Three
Post your work, and have a look. If it's not working, have a chat to us at: or our discord server here. We're happy to help you out!

Postscript about links

If you don't want an audio player and instead would like to know how to create a simple hyperlink for downloading, this is a good tutorial on how to write them.